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CUB/TVA Programs



Heat Pump Program


Heat Pump Financing Now Available

6% Interest Rate Beginning April 1, 2020


An electric heat pump is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat and cool your home. Buying a new high-efficiency electric heat pump is easier than ever, with no money down, and a low fixed rate. You can take up to ten years to pay for your heat pump and have your low monthly payments conveniently added to your utility bill.


Note: The promotional interest rate applies only to heat pumps with a minimum of SEER 14 (Packaged) or SEER 14.5 (Split) and Advanced Heat Pumps.


For more information about this program, call




Green Power Switch


Green Power Switch gives you the option to buy "blocks" of power generated from three renewable resources - the sun, wind  and methane gas.  The generation of this clean energy is much less harmful to the environment than traditional methods of producing electricity. 

For residential customers, each block costs just $4 extra on your regular monthly utility bill.  One block represents 150 kilowatt-hours - or 10-15% of an average home's monthly electric usage.  You can buy as many blocks as you want, and every block you buy introduces more clean energy into TVA's overall power grid. 

Print our online brochure to learn more about Green Power Switch.  View the Product Content Label for the electricity fuel mix delivered to participating customers.




Outdoor Lights


Outdoor lights are offered to property owners for convenience and security. The installation and maintenance of outdoor lights is available for a monthly fee. The request for outdoor lighting requires a one-year contract. Take a look at our outdoor lighting rates here. For installation information, call (865) 457-9232.




eScore Home Improvement Evaluation


Make Your Home As Energy-Efficient As Possible With eScore.



To learn more about the program click here or call 1-855-237-2673.




Energy Right Solutions for Youth


CUB is proud to be a partner in education with our local schools and various community groups.

Click here to learn more about this program and for free program resources.



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